Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Last summer my friend became despondent.
Day after day of heat and no rain took its toll on her.
She wanted to fold up her gardens and put them away until Autumn. I understood.

Yet there were some aspects of summer I loved.
Once I began thinking about all my loves of summer
I realized I easily could name 95 loves, one for each day of the summer season. I made a list. I bought a journal.

 Today, on Summer Solstice, I shall begin sharing with you
 the 95 different aspects I love about Summer.

Day 1.
I love sunflowers.

To celebrate Summer 2012,
I have planted a sunflower garden.
I am growing lots of different sunflowers.

I am learning all I can about this most amazing plant.

I decorate with sunflowers in August but this year
I am decorating with sunflowers all summer!
 I hope to have sunflowers for my vases
and to dry for winter use.

I shall always have a sunflower garden now.

I want to frame a couple of photographs.

I have a three ring binder set up to record my sunflower
2012 experience.
I am listening to the sunflowers.

Happy Summer Solstice.
Happy falling in love with Summer.

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