Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

This morning I fell in love with my Grandmother.
She was born in 1889 and died in 1961.
I was a young girl when she died.
She was also my godmother.
I was named after her. My middle name is Ann.
I have a few of her treasures.
Her little wedding purse and a couple of necklaces
she made for me are framed.
They hang in my bedroom next to my dresser.
It was kind of my Aunt Clair to give me the little purse.

St Ann is my patron Saint.
My Grandmother gave me this tiny
picture of St. Ann and Mary.

It is in my office where I can see it every day.

It is a very special New Moon today.
It is a Christmas Eve Grandmother Moon.

It is the New Cardinal Moon of December.

In Celtic Astrology
today begins The Birch Tree.
For me, today begins "Graceful Days."
The White Stag and the White Unicorn go hand in glove
in my magical world.
I praise Mary.
I look towards her for guidance.

I love the beautiful pictures of her at Christmas.
I think about her giving birth far from home.
I think about how hard it must have been for her
 to be away from her mother, St. Ann.

This little statue was always in my Mother's kitchen.
Today it is in my office.
I treasure it.

There are many gifts from St. Nick.
This year I am grateful for my Grandmother.

I am grateful for Grandmother Moon.

I am grateful for the Cardinals that come to my backyard.

I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas.
May you know the love of Grandmother Moon.

May you hear the Angels sing.

It is a sacred night

full of magic.

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